Curiosity belled the cat!

Curiosity is the buzzword at Arbor Research. We love people who are wide eyed after peeling a layer of knowledge and are ever eager to approach the next layer with unbridled enthusiasm. The analysts in our team approach research with a pride and passion that comes only from the deep love of the industry.

We believe in specialization. This is one of the reasons why we are only focused on the automotive industry. Unlike generic research providers, Arbor Research’s research team is lead by individuals with a wide experience in the automotive industry. We know the industry’s functioning, have an insight into manufacturing & technologies and know the intricacies of the automotive supply chain. From tolerances to profit margins, we have been exposed to everything. 

Our research methodology goes way beyond ordinary web based research. We believe that an industry’s true character can only be highlighted by the individuals associated and this forms the core of our research methodology. Our analysts engage in direct interactions with senior industry executives on a regular basis. So when it comes to research, we are clued into the happenings of the industry as insiders and are able to dig out more relevant facts and deliver insightful reports for our clients.


BP Castrol

Through extensive field research activities administered by Arbor Research, BP Castrol was able to gather actionable insights for improving its aftermarket product distribution network. The research helped us create synergies with dealers which helped us differentiate significantly from low-priced competing products.


Mark Johnson
Business Strategy and Planning Manager
BP Castrol, Europe