Company profiles

Arbor Research provides detailed company profiles of the leading 150 automotive suppliers in India. Every profile is a detailed and true portrait of the company.We guarantee that each Arbor Research company profile is qualitatively better than any other similar report in the market because in most cases we have met, interviewed and interacted with the company’s senior management to get details that other research agencies never collect. 

Each company profile consists of:

  • History and evolution of the company
  • The type and size of components that they supply
  • The sectors they operate in and the opportunities and threats therein
  • Corporate strategy
  • Shareholding pattern
  • Latest financials
  • Key executive bios
  • Locations of all production units and major warehouses
  • Major recent happenings – Investments / Divestments, Mergers & Acquisitions, joint-ventures and collaborations entered in
  • Capabilities and manufacturing capacity
  • Design and development capabilities
  • Quality certification achieved
  • Major OEM customers and their model programs participated in
  • Outlook 
  • SWOT Analysis

Most company profiles are accompanied by a recent detailed interview with the senior management of the company.

Price of profiles:  each profile is priced as below:

Single User Edition: €75

Multiple User Edition: €300

Purchasing a profile entitles you to an annual license. This will ensure that you will receive free updates, for one year after the date of purchase, whenever we update the profiles. 


List of company profiles available.


Federal Mogul: Full Value Chain Benchmarking

The benchmarking activities that Arbor Research undertakes operate as a tool for management at Federal Mogul to utilise. The benchmark evaluation puts the organization in perspective for all managers to understand the business objectives but still has the ability to allow management to focus on detail.


Theunis Lombard
Production Leader
Federal Mogul