Benchmarking databooks

Our partners, B&M Analysts collect critical plant data from a number of automotive component manufacturing plants across the globe which is then assimilated into their databooks. The benchmarking databooks scientifically analyse automotive supplier competitiveness worldwide following year on year developments.

These reports are an invaluable tool for managers wishing to better understand their performance in relation to international peers. It covers the entire value chain, including inventory control, internal and external quality performance, operational reliability and flexibility, human resource development and product innovation.


Federal Mogul: Full Value Chain Benchmarking

The benchmarking activities that Arbor Research undertakes operate as a tool for management at Federal Mogul to utilise. The benchmark evaluation puts the organization in perspective for all managers to understand the business objectives but still has the ability to allow management to focus on detail.


Theunis Lombard
Production Leader
Federal Mogul