Arbor Research gathers and analyses automotive news emerging in India through its extensive field intelligence network and various reputed news sources. We cover news related to the top 250 auto component manufacturers, industry trends, government regulations, infrastructure development, investment inflows and news on all OEMs based in India in our newsletters. The Newsletters newsletters are developed keeping in view the emerging importance of India on the global automotive map and are tailored to meet the expectations of senior executives from the international automotive industry. Currently we offer the following newsletters:

+ Priori India Automotive Review : Privately circulated weekly newsletter on major developments in the Indian automotive industry with extensive analysis.

+ Priori India Quarterly : Privately circulated quarterly newsletter on the impact of policies and a look at developments in Indian automotive industry.


BP Castrol

Through extensive field research activities administered by Arbor Research, BP Castrol was able to gather actionable insights for improving its aftermarket product distribution network. The research helped us create synergies with dealers which helped us differentiate significantly from low-priced competing products.


Mark Johnson
Business Strategy and Planning Manager
BP Castrol, Europe