Unique database identifying suppliers to most models in the Indian market of Cars / Two-wheelers / Trucks by components supplied.

Arbor Research maintains a database of the most important Indian automotive component suppliers, tools & die manufacturers and support services providers. Our unique database is presently more than 4,000 lines of data and provides important details about the leading suppliers to most OEM product programmes.

Arbor databases extend across passenger cars, two-wheelers and commercial vehicles and are an important decision making tool for purchase managers looking to harness the strength of India. Through the databases, one can identify who supplies components to most of the car / two wheeler/ commercial vehicle models in the Indian market. The database can be sorted on the basis of OEM, suppliers, component systems and actual components.


BP Castrol

Through extensive field research activities administered by Arbor Research, BP Castrol was able to gather actionable insights for improving its aftermarket product distribution network. The research helped us create synergies with dealers which helped us differentiate significantly from low-priced competing products.


Mark Johnson
Business Strategy and Planning Manager
BP Castrol, Europe