Technical due diligence, competitor mapping, company analysis and ad-hoc research

When you analyse businesses which work in a highly competitive environment and an amount of confidentiality, you need an insider’s edge to take the right decisions. Balance sheets tell half the story, the one that you are meant to know. However, it is the other half, i.e. market trends, company’s positioning and strategy that are the most important. Our research services help you unravel the facts beyond what a company’s PR machinery would like you to know.

Arbor Research’s sector knowledge and research helps senior management to frame strategy and purchase managers to take sourcing decisions. We help investment banks and equity funds in making investment calls. Our extensive research helps Private Equity players and Mergers & Acquisition specialists in technical due diligence, helping them understand the sector and its operating environment.


Federal Mogul: Full Value Chain Benchmarking

The benchmarking activities that Arbor Research undertakes operate as a tool for management at Federal Mogul to utilise. The benchmark evaluation puts the organization in perspective for all managers to understand the business objectives but still has the ability to allow management to focus on detail.


Theunis Lombard
Production Leader
Federal Mogul